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We provide professional mixing and mastering services. Send us your pre-recorded tracks and let us work our magic in our purpose built studio.

Rich Gray has produced a wide range of artists, from multi-million selling musicians to up and coming bands, with the experience to bring your music to life.

Whether you've already recorded your material or want to record with us as well, our mixing and mastering services will provide you with the sound you want.


Record your album, E.P., demo, or even individual tracks in our professional studio environment, and get a top quality result. You will also have the opportunity to receive input and production skills from a highly acclaimed audio engineer and musician, Rich Gray, at every step of the process as he works with you to the achieve best possible results for your music.

We can also edit, quantise and perfect all of your audio tracks to industry standards.

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If you're looking to improve the quality of your pre-existing recordings, then why not use our re-amping service? Just provide us with dry DI instrument tracks for guitar and bass, and midi tracks for keyboards and drums, and we will use our hundreds of professional plug-ins and effects, as well as top end amplifiers, to bring your tracks to life. This option can produce sonic results of the highest standards whilst saving time and money.


We also offer session musician services for guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals (clean and harsh). As a highly accomplished and seasoned musician and instrumentalist in his own right, having recorded with multi million selling artists and toured world-wide, Rich Gray will record parts for your tracks, whether they are pre-written parts or ideas to develop.


We customise every quote for your needs to give you the best deal and quality.

Get in touch for your own personalised quote.

PR & Marketing

Are you looking for PR, lyric videos, social media management, check out our friends at Cerulean Midnight by clicking the logo below.

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