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Rich Gray

Bass/Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar/Audio engineer

Phone: 07517213861

I have been a professional bass player for 16 years ranging from large stages (up to ~60,000) to more intimate functions.
I sing backing and lead vocals too when needed, have my own wireless systems for IEMs and bass/guitar. I can also play keyboards and often perform these at the same time as bass with a local function band.

I'm based in Soham, Cambridgeshire and have played in function bands and done a lot of weddings since 2014 and am always looking to do more.


You can see a handful of video examples of my playing on this page.

Outside of function work my main band has been the Canadian/UK based thrash metal group Annihilator (Canada's highest ever selling metal band) since 2015, although the band has no touring plans. I am endorsed by Dingwall and Darkglass which is what I use for the majority of shows, alongside an AxeFX rig which is very easy for going into the desk.

Aside from that I also run a mixing and mastering studio so can always help out on the audio/mixing side of things too if needed (although more than happy to sit back and just do the bass if that's what's needed, don't wanna step on any toes!).
Playing to clicks or tracks isn't a problem if that's needed as well. 

Nashville Heat wedding montage, May 2023

Bon Jovi cover at a private function in Suffolk

ANNIHILATOR at Bloodstock Festival to ~20,000 people

Sweet Home Alabama at a wedding in Norfolk

Audition video for progressive rock band Haken

Living On A Prayer simultaneous bass & keyboards

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